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One of the strongest taboos in Vulcan culture is making uninvited physical contact. Even husbands and wives often only touch each other with one or two fingers at most in day-to-day situations. Contact such as hand-holding, hugging or kissing is unknown in civilized Vulcan behavior.


even shows with great representation like how to get away with murder and orange is the new black refuse to acknowledge bisexuality and it’s fucking infuriating, if a character is shown to have had a past relationship with someone of the same gender or another gender they always have to reinforce and prove their heterosexuality or homosexuality to their new partner as means of a fucking character arc and it makes no sense. 

ndelphinus replied to your post: Piper has referred to herself as a WAS…

Was it Catholic? I wasn’t paying much attention. I think I assumed it was Episcopalian.

I assumed it was because Cal said “Father” when addressing the church guy, but I looked it up and apparently Episcopalians have priests that thwy call father too, which I always thought was just a Catholic thing, so you’re probably right.

Piper has referred to herself as a WASP (white Anglo-Saxon protestant) several times throughout the course of this show, so it’s weird that her grandma’s funeral is at a Catholic church.